Audacious Dawn

Humbled by Michael’s poem. He’s a great poet and often checks on me when I’m away too long. Thank you, my dear friend. I’m thankful for you.

The Vision of Poets

Audacious Dawn

Audacious Dawn

She moved her face directly before my eyes
As if daring me to look directly
Into those of her own…
Dark shades of scarlet flowing in sparkling wisps
With the morning breeze
Surrounding a smile that makes one
Stand in wonder of just what pleasures
The day may bring…
She so willingly offers
The softest of light…
Anointing the darkness that shades
The horizon of so many…
Giving hope that the sun will shine
Its countenance upon them
If only they could breathe a single breath
Within her radiance…
As her delicate essence flows
In the earliest of morn
Her blush of crimson
Gently kissing the songs of sparrows
As they sprinkle the sky
Like freckles upon the face of angels…
Drifting away from my physicality
Into the lure of her sparkling eyes
Time ceases to be…
Where eternity becomes reality…
Enchanting my soul with the very essence

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