Brace Yourselves…She’s Feeling Chatty


One of my favorite guys, Mr. Mark Bialczak of What Will I Write About Next, used the sneak approach to get me to accept the Liebster Award he offered out a few weeks ago. How’d he do it? He asked the right questions.

I admit to being caught off guard by Mark’s nod in my direction, but I have no good explanation as to why. You see, we talk weekly via our blog posts and quite rightly enjoy each other’s company, so it shouldn’t have been such a shock. How did we meet? I can’t remember, but we bonded a year ago over nicknames. He likes using them and so do I.

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Give This Girl An Award – She’ll Chew On It Forever

Just when I thought I’d been making good progress with consistent blog posts, I got busy. When I got busy with life wonderful things happened. By wonderful, I mean, someone stopped by my blog to let me know I had received an award.

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