Merry Christmas, My Muse


Merry Christmas Eve
Santa’s on his way tonight
Confessing my sin


My Dearest Santa,

All I want for Christmas this year is for my wish to be heard.

Tell him everything my bashful heart says, but my controlling mind won’t allow. Reassure him there isn’t a word of his I miss or a laugh from his mouth I wish I’d gotten to hear. If I share with you, my secrets, will you convey them appropriately?

Express that my feelings of unworthines are of my own doing, insecurities shining through, and that I want more than anything to break free and be myself completely. Show him the beat of my heart is in rhythm with the universe we share. Would you tell me, if he sighs and then agrees?

There isn’t anything I need for Christmas this year. Nothing more than devotion and adoration to be felt between time and space. Take him everything his heart desires. Calm his heart. Give me his sadness.

My hope is that he feels the warmth of Christmas around him, maybe even my love, but mostly, I need him to feel peace. Recharge his energies and renew his spirit for me, so everyone he surrounds himself with will see the true revelation of his kind heart.

He means the world to me, Santa. I wouldn’t feel safe without his care. My prayer is that I am enough, as I am, this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Santa.

Yours, always,
Audrey Dawn


58 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, My Muse

  1. This is a great piece of writing ~ poetic and beautiful…and such a worthy Christmas wish… I think Santa heard you and I hope you had a great Christmas day ~ and are getting ready to get your black-dress out for New Year’s Eve. Take care Audrey ~


  2. Such a lovely, heart-felt Christmas wish. It’s a poem in a letter to Santa. I hope you had a wonderful and warm Christmas, Aud πŸ™‚


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