Autumn Springs


Autumn Springs from Summer’s Flame,
Eternal Passage of Season’s Change,
Dance of Passion’s Lingering Game,
Viridian for Copper, Elemental Exchange.

Primordial instincts embrace epic hues,
Fantasy’s Utopia, view Wisps becoming Brides,
Delphian Fairwell Fairies mimic and muse,
Rousing Shadows and Lovers, crimsons collide.

This is the second installment of a week long Autumn, Halloween, seasonal change, light and dark collaboration with Morgan, from if you would like to read her initial post click this right here.

I am thrilled to be writing along side Morgan, as her inspirations capture me daily. One day I find her writing of a fantasy world I can’t even begin to dream of, but would love to visit, and then in the next breath she’s left me a longing mess. I adore her poetry and her heart.

I will reiterate what Morgan explained quite perfectly in her post yesterday. Our collaboration isn’t scripted nor do we have any idea where each other will lead us, so hang on tight.

Our verses are off the cuff and inspired by each other, isn’t that lovely?! The image above chosen by Morgan, and I think it is perfect. Please join us this week, as we thrive on working with one another to bring you Autumn Springs.

*Original Artwork by: Lilla Marton*


34 thoughts on “Autumn Springs

  1. You brought magic and fantasy to the changing of the seasons. Which, now I think about it in that way, *is* magical. The way the leaves change color, the “Viridian to Copper.” 🙂


  2. Great collaboration! I love the sonority and imagery of the line
    “Delphian Fairwell Fairies mimic and muse”
    and the last line of the first stanza
    “Viridian for Copper, Elemental Exchange”
    Beautful poem! (andlovely picture) Congratulations to both of you.
    Have a nice week 🙂


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