Irrational Thinking


Hopeful, above a myriad of emotions,
My devotion towards chasing clouds,
Somehow brings me closer,
To understanding you.

While I wait, with a quiet mind,
Will you explain all the how’s and why’s
Of a universe, in my mind’s eye, gone wild?

Calm the irrational part of my brain,
Then show me that your love,
Isn’t just part of my denial.


29 thoughts on “Irrational Thinking

  1. Chasing clouds fits so well as an image in this poem… a beautiful part of the universe, but so very elusive and fleeting.


  2. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy.

    First of all, it’s not something given to man to judge the universe. Thus, not the universe might have gone wild, but just your personal perception of the universe. Point of the matter is that man has been granted free will, whhich is why matters on this very planet Earth are not so much those of God, but of man himself. The latter bears the sole responsibility for all the prevailing chaos and distress, not God. And again this is the reason why there is no chance to get an explanation from up high.

    Secondly, and in reality, there doesn’t exist an irrational part of the brain, but just unclarified reflections of the mind.

    In short, you are asking the wrong questions and validate wrong perceptions. This won’t lead you anything near to Him, but afar – at least that is what the Sufis teach.

    As so far as the matter of love is concerned, why would one expect a response just on behalf of one’s personal shortcomings? Someone wants love, then first of all understand to love yourself. A very basic teaching for the newly initiated is the truth, that in order to find God, one must look into himself first. “And assuredly, We have created man and We know what his physical self whispers to him, and We are nearer to him than even his jugular vein,” as the saying goes.

    In other words: Just stating, “God is love”, doesn’t mean anything, unless such statement is followed by action.

    Last but not least, how would one expect love to exist within denial? I feel, some efforts should be guidelined towards the true meaning, definition and implication of words and terms. The shallow levels must be transcended. Else, knowledge and verity shall remain a closed book.

    Wishing you a happy and peaceful weekend,
    Salva 🙂


  3. “a myriad of emotions”…
    “the how’s and why’s
    Of a universe, in my mind’s eye, gone wild?”
    Great lines in great poem Audrey! Have a nice week-end! ♥


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