My Brother’s View


Saying good-bye to this amazing view of my Big Brother’s backyard today. We’ve packed our bags and we’re Kansas bound for the weekend. The lake is calling our name and so is our Dad. I cannot wait to hug him close and spend some quality time in his boat.

I hope to catch at least one fish this evening. I’d love to write a poem about a fish, but I’d settle for a longing poem about the one that got away. Ha!

Big Brother and I have all we need in order to have some fun in the sun. His black Silverado and my white Charger will be rockin’ some country music favorites along the way. Any suggestions? Adventure awaits, my friends. I’m super excited to take a trip with my brother and the children. We can’t possibly mess this up. Have a blessed and relaxing weekend!!


67 thoughts on “My Brother’s View

  1. Great photo…reminds me of the Field of Dreams πŸ™‚ Enjoy the drive, Johnny Cash/Brooks & Dunn/George Strait all work well in any situation. Enjoy the boat time, nothing like fishing to relax and recharge ~ and look forward to the poems it brings. Safe travels Audrey.


    • Hey, You! Thanks. It is a bit of a field of dreams back there…we should build a baseball field, Randall. I’m glad to have you around tonight. Hope you’re doing okay. I love your artist choices. My favorite Strait song is My Chair. Do you know that one? Such a great song to 2step to…

      The boat time will be nice. The fishing will be a challenge, as it has been a few years. I may find a nice quiet spot and pull my notebook out instead…or while my line is busy bobbing away. Do you fish? Anyway… Yes, thank you and I hope the poems reflect my happy energy.

      Safe indeed, Dalo πŸ™‚


    • Boat would be great…fished a lot as a kid, my best friend’s Dad took us out a few times every week. Mainly crappie, trout and blue gill. Did catch a 38 lb. Chinook in Canada once. Not much fishing out here in Asia… Enjoy!


  2. Holy moly – you can’t look that far outside my window – the suburbs extend to San Francisco – very envious.
    As for music – I don’t know any country western you wouldn’t already have on your playlist, but have you heard Joe Bonamassa? He’s got a bit of country in him, some honky tonk and blues, a little folk, a bit that’s contemporary, and great guitar solos and accompaniment. Try the concerts at the Vienna Opera House or Driving Toward the Daylight.
    Have a wonderful time.


  3. That’s scene to breathe in, Aud, one last time before you jump in the Charger and roar toward the nautical. Is that a suspension bridge way out on the horizon, or are my eyes playing tricks with a mountain range?

    I suggest: George Strait, “Check Yes or No” to start playful. Little Feat: “Dixie Chicken” to get singing. “Marshall Tucker Band: “This Old Cowboy” just because. And, lastly, on a nine-minute run of open highway, The Outlaws, “Green Grass and High Tides.”

    Have a great trip. On the water with your dad, play Jimmy Buffett’s “A Pirate Looks at Forty” and “Changes in Lattitudes.”

    Sorry, but that’s the first time you asked for music suggestions …

    Enjoy papa time, Red.


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