Let’s Go


The beginning of this day,
Overwhelms me.
One more long drive,
Ahead of me.
The final payoff,
Unconditional love.
Up early to fill my lungs,
With cool Oklahoma air,
My mind wonders to you.
Your contagious laugh.
How the magical sound,
Must create a sparkle,
In a beauty’s eyes, without effort.
You make me smile as I reflect,
Easing me into my rewarding day.
You’re beside me as I drive,
Towards home,
All I’ve ever known.
Good morning,
I’m ready,
Let’s go.


38 thoughts on “Let’s Go

  1. Love this piece Audrey, makes me feel when I am off on a drive somewhere special…be it heading home or on an adventure, there is this idea of a reward out there and I get to enjoy it while I drive. Going home is special, as you say there is that final prize of unconditional love. Enjoy the time and have a good weekend.


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