You Calm Me


You calm me

You pass through my soul
Like a warm summer wind
Easing me back into color
I’m thankful for where you’ve been

You calm me

Staying by my trembling side
Laughter with my movements
Sparkle in these shy eyes
You could easily be the reason why

You calm me

Take me, I’m yours
Good morning, my love
Come closer, accept my gratitude
I owe you so much more

You calm me

Infatuated kisses await your approving
Release this passion I hold
Longing to feel you wash over me
Thankful that you want me close

You calm me

Grant me the permission I crave
Allow me to calm you
Last night’s wistful dreams
Should be your morning reality


48 thoughts on “You Calm Me

  1. Nice follow-up to your monochrome poem, this one has a lot of spirit within…and every stanza gives us that breath to take it in with the words “you calm me.” Excellent.


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