Sparkling Eyes

A set of eyes
I may never see
I feel how they look at me
Sparkling full of humor, trustworthy
Do you know what you truly do
How do sparkling eyes see so well
Into my heart
Understanding my mind
I’m an open book, apparently
Didn’t take you much time
Even grey like the clouds
We both have no problem visioning
Laugh a lot,
Smart eyes, sparkle some more
I could get lost in yours
Close them tight
Or let me kiss them
Good night

31 thoughts on “Sparkling Eyes

    • I couldn’t agree more, Randall! Oh..wait. Hi! Welcome back, it’s been a while. I do hope you’ve been on an adventure, and maybe brought in some new photos to share. A bit of deep thinking for me to enjoy tonight. I just checked…dang.
      Soon, I hope.

      I too would follow sparkling eyes anywhere. Eyes are the true window to the soul. The biggest reason why mine are covered here in my picture. When someone looks into those, well, its over. Usually when my confessing starts.

      Talk to you soon, Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire
      Wow, that’s a long name I’ve just given you. How’s about we shorten that to…PPE, naw. Not nearly as amazing…


    • It has been awhile…travel and work in China where WordPress is rightly banned from all ISPs… Not much of an adventure, boring work.

      Ha, I like the description of your eyes…and best keep them covered for our safety 🙂 Like the name, although something a bit more humbling would be suitable. Wish you a great May 1st holiday (day off here in HK).


    • Oh, China must be an adventure. Has to be, Randall. Show me China as it is right now, today for you.

      *pulling my scarf over as I read* I can’t actually do that…would hinder much of this comment. 🙂

      Okay, you think humbly, and call yourself…hmm, Randall. I will try to follow suit.

      Thank you! Let me get through my April 30th morning. Do you happen to know if it goes well…? Ha! You are so far ahead of me time wise…such a pity. Enjoy your day off.


    • When my nieces and nephews were young, they were always amazed I was 15-16 hours ahead of them…and they would always ask “who is going to win the game tonight” and what the weather would be tomorrow morning…

      In HK now, and had great rain last night (love it), and a holiday today (labor day) that is perfectly timed as I am in great need of catching up on work!

      You are in for a great May 1st 🙂 Cheers!


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