Clear Views

Lost and wandering
Inside, our cold cabin
I live in darkness
Weakens me
Yet, yearning to inspire my soul
A long winter of sadness
Had unfolded his wings
Today, terrors occasionally tread
A fighter, I must become
Stop the nightmares
Bring out the sun
Freedom, for everyone
Your grace, defeating
Finally, happy heartbeats
Blessed to have your light
Bright and flickering
Inspiring, too
Just look through this window
See what it proves
I could easily get lost inside you
My window, my savior
I’m so delighted
Look at what you’re offering
A tree filled with green
Isn’t he so pleasing
I love the way he arouses me
Allows me to think of Spring
My Devotee, once again
Flowering, my soul
A proper thank you
My one and only goal

28 thoughts on “Clear Views

  1. Beautiful poem Audrey. I just read it with my son watching transformers in some eastern European language on my tablet. I guess when your obsessed with something, it really doesn’t matter what language it’s in. πŸ™‚
    Anyhow, I’m going to come back to this later when it’s quiet here and I can drink it in more.


  2. I do like that photo… A perfect poem as we move into spring, stretching out our legs after the dark, depths of winter (which is always good to have in small doses) into the sensual feelings of spring. An incredible piece of poetry to wake up on the sunny day. Cheers!


    • Oh, come on…I see this photo I took, rather quickly, and think, “Imagine what Randall could have done.” Humbly, I do appreciate you mentioning it.

      You know, you say that you’re no poet, but that description of my words right there prove differently. Depths of winter, now that is something…incredible?! Such a sweet compliment, thank you. I have red cheeks now, Randall. It’s Good Friday! I’m finally off to bed. Hope your day is shaping up well. ~ Audrey


    • ha, ha…nothing like a blush to end the week (at least I think it must be good). Day shaped up very well: sunshine and a Saturday just a day away to catch my breath πŸ™‚


  3. Captures my hunger for spring perfectly. Say bye bye to the last cold snap of the season, I hope. Very nice poem Audrey. I enjoyed it. Thank you. Peace.


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