Fear: My Old Friend

 On occasion I have this negative voice that enters my mind. He reminds me that I have the ability to dwell in fear. I just needed to let him know that I’m not afraid, even if I feel completely exposed. 

Fear: I saw you today, Courage. What you did, well, it was cute.

Courage: I got up there on that step. I wrote it. I read it!

Fear: It was amateur, at best.

Courage: I felt alive. Wasn’t I brilliant!?

Fear: I don’t know about that, Courage. I think I still found the perfect dark spot within you.

Courage: No you didn’t, Fear. I wasn’t weak. You witnessed strength.

Fear: Nope, I know what I saw. You did it, but then you ran and hid. I saw your eyes.

Courage: Shut up!

Fear: I’m just being honest. I thought you should know, it’ll be okay. Stick to what you know, friend.

Courage: I didn’t ask for your help. I thought you’d left, anyway.

Fear: Why would I leave? You’re just getting comfortable.

Courage: I think you’re scared of me, actually.

Fear: I am not, please, yeah right.

Courage: I think so. Just look at this, it seems, I can almost see right through you.

Fear: What? Where?

Courage: See – like this…my hand slides right through your image. I barely feel you.

Fear: Wait. Oh, that?

Courage: So you do see it happening? Good.

Fear: Psst! Your mistake, Courage. I’m still here. I allow myself different packaging.

Courage: How? Please explain…

Fear:  See, I would, but I needn’t bother. You still find me everywhere. Silly girl…

I chose to write it out, in spite of him, in an effort to keep the upper hand…

Daniel 10: 19-21. (Joshua 1: 6-7, 2 Corinthians 12:9)


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