I’ve Got To Empty My Brain

Well I’ve gone and done it again, folks. I’ve put myself right smack dab in the middle of poetry writing pandemonium. I went forward with a decision I now see was made in haste, yet I feel compelled to let it ride at this point.

In a weak moment the other night I decided to go for it. I became part of a critique group. I’ll be sharing my poetry, some so raw you won’t see it here, but I feel a need for feedback. (Let me know if you’re interested.)

Well well well, feeling brave are we? You could say that or you could chalk it up to seriously bad judgement. I fear it’s a bit premature.

Can I be perfectly honest? This stuff is fighting to come out.

If you’re feeling the urge to make a run for it, I would. I’d do it now. Things could get a little scary around here for a while. There will still be a lot of other writing going on, but I’ve given you fair warning that there may be more poetry. Mostly, because I can’t make it stop.

I’ve packed a bag. It consists of:

* Tissues

*CDs of 80’s Big Hair Bands (Mostly because I can’t get past the guitars, I play a mean air guitar. Guilty.)

*ZZ Top’s Rough Boy on CD ~ constant replay (guitars…)

*My Bible (any guitars in there?)

*Books (to share which ones may reveal more than you care to know)

*LOTS of Emotion (I’ve got voices who’ve been cooped up inside of me for a long time. I think they’ve taken over and agreed to this nonsense, now that I have time to reflect.)

*A Lack of Better Judgement



~ Of You

Forces of the unknown, I keep you close;

Feel the push and pull, it’s all self-inflicted.

I read then reread words, admiring your clarity.

Speaking clever exchanges, my mind blissfully addicted,

This fresh interest continues, yet anonymity.

I pursue musing thoughts, here, here and here;

An affinity of the best kind, creatively defined.

*Let me try and explain what I tried to do. If you read from the left and to the comma, then from the left again to the comma and on down, it’s an anticipated daily process. Then if you read from the comma and over, then the comma and over again, and on down its…well, it is what it is. Finally, together, for me, it makes it whole.


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