An Epic Journey ~ The Frio River


The Frio River spoke to me every morning as I stepped outside. It encouraged me to sit and reflect on its beauty as it lent an old tree root for a stool.

I waited for a lesson.

Later, the river taunted me for a walk. While it seemed I was learning how to choose each step slowly, reality told me, Frio was teaching me how to get back up, as I fell time and time again.

I screamed at Frio. I grabbed a tube to float on, giving Frio the control, why did Frio have to be so difficult?

Once again, Frio spoke to me letting me know I hadn’t mastered walking yet, so again I found myself learning how to get back up after walking it’s stoney and abusive path.

Frio witnessed my laughter as it flowed faster and then quieted through my tears, as I fought with its existence. We left not friends exactly, but we’ll try again.

Oldest Daughter-
Redheaded Sister

~Thank You, for indulging me this week. I enjoyed our walk down memory lane. I hope you laughed, possibly learned a little something about me too.~

12 thoughts on “An Epic Journey ~ The Frio River

  1. It’s funny, when you first described your plan it sounded like so much fun that I was kind of down on myself. Why don’t we ever plan things like that, etc. Then it dawned on me that we do, and sometimes they just don’t turn out as planned. For my husbands birthday, we decided to go up in the mountains and do this fun zip line thing. Whole family is involved here – kids, significant others and so on. We get there and discover there is a 2 hour wait to get on the Zip Line. It’s 90 degress and no shade. We bagged it, the resteraunt we had planned to go to was closed for remodeling and we couldn’t find anything else appropriate. Finally just gave up and went home. In Theory it was the greatest day. In reality – another version of your epic journey. That’s ife. (Maybe I’ll write a post on vacation gone awry)


  2. We all have a Frio River in our life, or in our head. That one event, broblem that you can’t let get the best of you. You must deal with it, or just walk for a while, but do not give up..


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