An Epic Journey ~ The Frio River


The Frio River spoke to me every morning as I stepped outside. It encouraged me to sit and reflect on its beauty as it lent an old tree root for a stool.

I waited for a lesson.

Later, the river taunted me for a walk. While it seemed I was learning how to choose each step slowly, reality told me, Frio was teaching me how to get back up, as I fell time and time again.

I screamed at Frio. I grabbed a tube to float on, giving Frio the control, why did Frio have to be so difficult?

Once again, Frio spoke to me letting me know I hadn’t mastered walking yet, so again I found myself learning how to get back up after walking it’s stoney and abusive path.

Frio witnessed my laughter as it flowed faster and then quieted through my tears, as I fought with its existence. We left not friends exactly, but we’ll try again.

Oldest Daughter-
Redheaded Sister

~Thank You, for indulging me this week. I enjoyed our walk down memory lane. I hope you laughed, possibly learned a little something about me too.~

An Epic Journey ~ Part 4

(Parts 1-3 can be found here, if you’re willing catching up with us.)

I hadn’t used so many muscles in one day in an effort to stay alive in my whole life. Every single one of us had started this float trip with high hopes of laughter, fun and memories.

We were leaving with memories by this point, we could kiss the other two good-bye.

I have to tell you that our visit to the Frio River had been such a blessing, and truly every step had been fantastic. This destination was a life changing kind of opportunity. The kind of place to retreat to when you need time to think, but also time to just relax. Today the Frio was getting the best of me. Let’s be honest, it had the good, the bad and the ugly by this point. I may have hidden my emotions pretty well, but the silence I was putting out spoke a thousand words. I was nearly shaking with disgust over my weak behavior.

I was tired.  Continue reading