I remember, our song
Your daily kiss, good morning
I remember, our love
Afternoons, of mutual understanding
I remember, our passion
Evenings, between star crossed lovers
I remember, everything
Nothing, is the same here without you
I remember, your words
Mostly lingering, but the sweetest lies

Trail (Haibun)

I took a drive to the island. With more willingness than I thought possible of myself, I approached an unsafe area opting to stop and park. Not the best area to be alone in, yet I walked. Fear didn’t fill me. Strange. I’ve always been scared. I took pictures of brokenness everywhere. Randomly. I left. I drove away feeling slightly amused that nothing dangerous had happened. Silly girl, usually afraid of her own shadow.

The ferry took me over to the peninsula, and not many people were headed there so late in the day. My white Charger parked in the middle row, as if allowing the other cars on board to hug her tightly. I climbed the stairs, stood outside, and allowed the wind to blow through my hair. Where did I think I was going? I smelled the salty air. I closed my eyes. I was in pursuit. Not of myself, really, but of myself, truly.

I drove the main road for miles, listened to John Legend’s You And I on repeat, then I abruptly decided to stop the car. I placed my flip-flops on the hood and proceeded to wonder while walking the beach, I read the waves and settled my brain.

Following closely
Seashells show the journey long
Get me out of here

(I completely understand that the pronoun ‘I’ isn’t normally used in the Haibun prose, but I couldn’t keep from using it. Hope it doesn’t ruin the effort.) Critics are welcome! Pleaseā€¦

Sink Or Swim


Obstacles hinder
Destinations via water
Adrenaline rush

The fear of the unknown holds us all back. Why do we allow it to control our decisions and our goals? We nourish fear with our strength, day in and day out, choosing to help it grow to become more powerful. We sit quietly as it beats us down. Fear doesn’t exist. This we all know. Kick it in the balls. Get on with the show. Go for the gold. Let’s stop worrying that we’ll fail. Live life now and beg for forgiveness later. Fear can hunt someone else down now. We’re alive, so prove it.

Prompting Fear, because it thinks I won’t. This lady is brave. Thanks, DC.

Love Plays On


Inspired by Otis Redding’s “Sitting By The Dock Of The Bay”, this weekend’s evenings with cherished friends and my friend, M. Zane McClellan’s poem, “Love Me Like Lyrics”.

Love songs play on,
Their aging beat strong,
A melody only they can recall.
Lost are the days,
They dreamed and played, fondly,
Stuck inside aging minds, bodies.
Time not a friend,
Yet, deemed humbly,
Music’s sweetest story.
Songs of the sun’s powerful embers,
Provide blessings,
As their forever continues.
Hurricanes couldn’t divide,
Some tried, no compromise.
Sadly, love always working,
And approaching goodbye.
Earthly obsessions,
A late night masterpiece,
Tunes their melody.
Final days found holding,
Caressing skin,
Feels good to ache again.
Love’s battle cry,
Ceasing time, unworthy.
Yet, honorable and deserving,
Love never ending.
One hope remains,
With fingers intertwined,
Staring at the bay.
Nothing his lyrics forget,
Lips craving,
Body savoring,
Sunset providing a proper ending.
Her soul breathes and sighs,
She is his, no one could deny.
The dock pulls at them to wait,
Fate would have it no other way,
Life perfect this moment, this day.
Love’s promises made,
If she leaves first, meet at the gate.
His eyes will know hers,
Final resting,
Heaven’s green.
Welcome, Eternity

Positively Gray

Sun behind the clouds again
Pay no mind today
Stay thankful
Positively gray
Be surprising
Continue your heartbeat
Allow love’s residing omnipresenceĀ to complete
Walk among the rocks this morning
Feel the heat
Hardness of existence
A warm day is upon us,
With or without the sun’s wink
Water crashes
Although dreary
The spray divine
Cleans my thoughts, my heart, my mind
I’ve loved you for a million years,
If even for a day
I see you even after you’ve walked away
My thoughts and prayers always with you
My mind continues to write
Our love affair lasts forever
Even when its grey outside
The sun I shall seek today
I feel the rays
I am me
Finally breathing



Water, excitedly rushing down
Thank you for cleansing
Not the rocks, but me
Cooling sprinkles of your touch
My skin reacts
Dreaming of the summer heat
Providing me a sweet dream
You laying over me
Drifting in imagery
In the waves and out again
Clearing our minds of everything
The greenest of palm leaves
I wear them proudly
Dancing on the beach
You and me
Hearts beating
We listen to the drummers
All for us
Water nearby beckons again
Proud to wash your pain away
This moment
This dream
I’m here to stay
Creating our reality
Can I live with today’s fate
Just me and a waterfall


Walking beaches
Holding on
Where water
Meets sky
Do you see me
Becoming one
Love’s Geminis
Witnessing beauty
Chance meeting
A conclusion
For all my searching
Have you
Have I
Over a rainbow
Shakespeare’s Viola
A Bonnie for his Clyde
Wishing on stars
Walking through waters
Skipping rocks
Looking for his face
Reoccurring waves

Written 2-1-14