dreams surround a homesteading such as this,
no amount of work could persuade them to leave.
his heart was given so long ago, and the farm has held on ever since.

the birds sang quite rightly the day she pulled in,
the tire was giving her fits.
when he took his cap off and extended his hand,
his eyes caused hers to lift, amused by the pink shade of shy she wore with her smile, he let off on his farmer’s tight grip.

hard became harder as sunsets created do-overs, and laughter filled the crisp winter air.
facts remained, but pleasure pursued as two strangers became one another,
encouraging life to come tumbling after.


7 thoughts on “Pursuit

  1. This photo is one of the best I’ve seen depicting Americana and the beautiful countryside I’ve been around for much of my younger years. Your words are the perfect complement to such a scene ~ “amused by the pink shade of shy she wore with her smile, he let off on his farmer’s tight grip…” Perfect way to start the year, Aud. Thank you, and wishing you some special this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mr. Collis, I am so appreciative of your visits. I adore this skyline and the wistfulness it creates inside of me. I’ve not been “here” as much as my heart would like due to life, but when I am I’m grateful for your faithful encouragement. There is something incredibly comforting in our life similarities. (You will always be a cowboy to me!) I cherish them. I too, pray your 2023 is full of special moments. Be safe out there, my Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire. 📸


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