With You Is My Where

cotton upon my cheek,
birds in the multiples singing,
dawn’s sunlight hitting my red hair,
and with you is my where

*Sorry for the double post. I just wanted the video to pop up. 


14 thoughts on “With You Is My Where

  1. Well… Audrey Dawn… I think I wrote a very appropriate poetic response to this wonderful post… but I refrained from posting it… Sometimes… I do think before I speak… (but not often)…
    So… I’ll just say… beautiful poetry… beautiful song… Thank you for being you.

    • Now, Michael, refraining from sharing your poetry is the truest form of travesty in my opinion. Who you are is welcome here in every way. You know I love your poetry and this fact will never change. Don’t deny me. Your words, heart and mind are a splendid trio.
      Thank you for reading me.

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