Capable Radiance 

If there ever comes a time
When you think
I don’t take
Great care of myself,
Tell me,
And I’ll prance who I am
Right past you,
Let you watch from a distance.
Over time, the realization
Will settle in, and
I will radiate over your skin.
It’ll be then you’ll understand
Just so we’re clear,
I’m okay,
And having someone love me
Is a gift I give them
Because I want to,
Not because I need to.

19 thoughts on “Capable Radiance 

  1. Lots of strength in this one, Audrey, and I LOVE it! I know you’ll never lose your soft, sensitive side, but developing a bit of a “hide” isn’t a bad thing either! 😉


  2. Having someone love me is a gift I give them – that is just awesome. That is what love is. Otherwise it’s infatuation. You will know when it’s right, Audrey, and the other person will know as well.


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