On Her Own


her flourish,
pink, shy blossoms,
all on her own.
an open view,
on a front row seat,
through slats of a fence.
longing to touch,
a position at her attempt,
yet, you’ve refrained.
seeing her beauty unfold,
with the rhythm of yours,
this morning.
for I see the hesitation,
feel the need,
and witness the control,
you have within yourself,
to let her approach,
eventually a fragrance will,
settle upon your face,
and you will breathe again,
as the sigh of her submission,
honors you.


42 thoughts on “On Her Own

  1. I love the front row seats you gave us all for this piece ~ the fragrance, mood and “her pink, shy blossoms, all on her own.” This is a scene that I think people would wish to see again and again (and again…) until finally, “the sigh of her submission, honors you.” Beautiful.


    • Ha. Yes well now only so many front row seats available, Dalo, you got there just in time. Smiles. I was setting a scene, and seductively, I suppose. Whisper (again), one more time, please. Loved hearing that from you. Thank you for seeing this poem just as she was intended. Humbled. You’ve been gone a while. Feels good to read you again.


  2. Raced through reading this poem the first time, took my sweet time the second, who knows about the third but it’s likely to happen.
    – seeing her beauty unfold,
    with the rhythm of yours –
    Now that’s love.


  3. Mesmerized by such beauty while listening intently
    feeling the softness of each petal unfold
    while in my hands of control…

    Lovely offering to start a Monday, Audrey. Enjoy your moments

    Liked by 1 person

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