Thumb Prints


Angelic whispers,
Sighs liberate easily.
Eager in virgin white,
Unnoticed, yet pleasing.
Tending to shy away normally,
Now, appears in thoughtful view.
Her offering, securely joined,
By slender, blushing, pink hues.
Sheer delicate petals, enjoyed,
Thumb prints, as if touched by you.


22 thoughts on “Thumb Prints

  1. Ah, I have no clue what this flower is, Audrey, but it’s gorgeous — so delicate in form and color!! And your poem is a beautiful accompaniment!!

    • This is a Columbine, Debbie. Found out here in Colorado. This flower was from my grandmother’s garden. My father brought a bit of the plant home with him when she passed and it has thrived along his house for over twenty years. So glad you liked the pairing of the two. Thank you so much!! β™‘

  2. Gorgeous, Audrey.
    Hope your Sunday, is filled with such beauty.
    Wear a smile that says you are adored πŸ™‚
    Lovely writing.. *tips hat, smiles*

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