Their Love


Not just any other day
But one of importance
For my mom and dad
Today’s the day
A little redheaded girl
Came silently through
Their window of life
You should thank them
Seems right, and
Polite, to do
To take a minute
And let them know
Their love, important
They brought me
To you


48 thoughts on “Their Love

  1. …and then, one day, that same little red headed girl came to us through the window of wordpress and enlightened us with her words, her compassion, her caring, her prayers and her hugs… and we should all thank them, mom and dad… seems right… for we have all been enlightened by her presence…
    Happy belated, Audrey Dawn…


  2. Happy Birthday, Audith! That’s such a great picture. Look at you smiling! But…shouldn’t we get a picture more up to date to compare it with? For instance, what if that’s really not you? Anyway, I’m thankful that your mom and dad had you, that’s for sure.


  3. Thank you, Mom and Dad Red, for bringing us dear Aud. My world wouldn’t be the same without her smart words and kind heart. Happy Birthday, my friend. What an adorable baby picture. πŸ˜‰ ❀


  4. Happy Happy Birthday, Audrey! What a little red-haired sweetie you were (and still are, you know!) I love how you’ve thanked your parents for life and their nurturing love — but methinks most babies enter the world with lusty shouts, rather than “silently”!! πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your special day, my friend!


  5. You,my dear Lil red headed girl, have always been a gift! Your love of words was apparent in your first VERY understand able word being HALLEJUAH! LOVEVYOU TO THE MOON AND BACK.
    Happy Birthday, Sissy!!


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