Poetic Cloud


Lazy smile
Winged heart
Endless breathing
Cloud art
Impossible eyes
Cotton puff
A mind intriguing
Pillow crush
Whatever I need
I daydream
Artistically allowed


32 thoughts on “Poetic Cloud

  1. Love the pic. I remember being 5 years old and being told by my mother that God sat on one of those clouds. I rushed outside to look at the sky.


    • Adorable,
      You offered a view
      Of your childlike wonder
      And I thank you
      Your mother, the best
      She allowed her little boy
      A moment, to use his mind
      One of which, she identified
      Thank her for me
      Let her know, if you can
      Her son is a still a dreamer
      Knowing possibilities exist
      Proving, he’s quite a man
      And a generous spirit

      Thank you, Monsieur, for sharing a part of you with me. β™‘ It is the end of the day and with your comment my choosing to post this picture finally feels right.


  2. This one’s a beauty, Audrey. And oh, for clear blue skies such as this! I see a dragon in this cloud, or perhaps a teapot, but I like your interpretation better!!


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