Lovers Bed


Pastel dusk ending,
This goodbye,
Sorrow, in infancy.
In a few moment’s time,
With only my watching,
Our silver moon will arrive.
Not sufficient to express,
Why I choose to rhyme,
My heart, and not my head.
She’s classical, a valuable gain,
Unlike me, useless and ashamed,
Go to her, allow inspiration to bed.


24 thoughts on “Lovers Bed

  1. This poem has much in it… I take it that the setting sun brings about sorrow in infancy, and the silver moon is useless and ashamed? You’ve sculpted an intriguing poem here, makes me think you are missing the sun. If so, I hope dawn comes swiftly for you…


  2. Okay, I’ll just show my ignorance here (and learn something!) — who is “useless and ashamed”? Certainly not you, Audrey! Must be the fading sun, huh? (Sorry I’m so dense today — must be all this cold freezing my senses!!) πŸ˜‰


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