The Story Of Us


If for one second today,
We look up at the same time,
To take in the beauty of our sky,
Even in a parallel universe,
May we also stop to consider,
The possibility of achieving,
Our dreams and the story of us.


26 thoughts on “The Story Of Us

  1. This was a very fun poem, as I couldn’t help but see it as a great conversation/firtation between those two trees in your photo 🙂 The endless possibilities and dreams they share.

    During the Mid-Autumn festival in China (a new moon), and there is a story (one of many for this holiday) of a traveller who has traveled far from home and misses his family, so on the eve of this festival they make sure to look upon the same moon and knowing that they are happy. It was pretty cool, as at that time I had just arrived in China and was a bit homesick and looking at the moon that night made me feel pretty good.


    • I love that you see a flirtation with this poem. Your mind is a beautiful thing, Dalo.

      I think maybe we should look up at the moon at the same time. Thanks for sharing that story. It is definitely that time of year when I begin missing my siblings, as the holidays are approaching. I will remember your story every time I see the moon now. It’ll bring me peace. Cooling off here in TX now, Dalo. .


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