Grandma’s Comfort (Haiku)


Smells like Maxine’s house
Peanut butter cookie hug
Strong black coffee, please


49 thoughts on “Grandma’s Comfort (Haiku)

  1. Oh yes, I’m there with ya. I loooooooooovve peanut butter cookies. Oh heck, I love peanut butter straight from the spoon. It’s my favorite way to eat it. Hehe. You’d think I’d be bigger than I am because of the amount of the stuff I eat. My obsession for fitness though helps me a bit with that πŸ™‚
    I’m also a huge fan of good, strong coffee. Of course, living in Brazil helps. Whenever I’m back in Canada it takes me a while to get the coffee to the potency I like. It’s just not strong enough there. Even Starbucks.
    Have a great weekend Audrey.


    • I’m the same…love peanut butter straight from the jar. I need a healthy obsession with working out so I can enjoy all the cookies I bake. You need to tell me what the secret is, Staci. I like strong black coffee, but I can’t drink Starbucks’ coffee. Its tooo strong. You’re amazing if you can handle that stuff. Thanks. Enjoy yours, as well. β™‘

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    • My ‘healthy obsession’ sometimes goes beyond healthy, my friend. Ohhhh, how I wish I were more balanced.
      Yea, Starbucks I think burns their coffee. For me to drink it, I have to load it up with cream, and not just milk, but full cream.


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