Middle Sister (Haiku)


Summer memories
Happy Birthday, Jellybean
Encouraging heart

A sincere wish for a very happy day. My middle sister celebrates her birthday today. Wishing we could have lunch, as I would ensure she wear the sombrero, and have her picture taken. 😍


33 thoughts on “Middle Sister (Haiku)

  1. Oh that’s sweet. Wow, your siblings have bdays so close to each other. It’s like my two kids. One on Feb 25th and the other Mar 6th. My mom’s coming in Feb and we’re going to have one big party for the two of them while she’s here. YEAH! Can’t wait.
    Beautiful Audrey. I wish you could celebrate with her.


    • Seriously? Oh man….I wouldn’t mind so much if this wasn’t a team effort by Morgan and I. She derserves the “Likes”…hum. Bummer. Maybe it’ll sort itself out. I was wondering if was being seen, actually. Brief moments of…”Oh man, I screwed the next verse up…” I still may have…lol. Have a great day. Thanks for the heads up…


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