A cerulean conversation
Exceptionally, wordless dawn
Sharing your maiden favorites


25 thoughts on “Accentuate

  1. You are such an appreciator of the beauties of nature: flowers, clouds, the sky, dawn and dusk. How I wish I could be inspired through the simple beauties as well.
    Wonderful Audrey.
    Very cute this last line about the maidens also. It paints a picture in my head.


    • FrΓ©dΓ©ric, you and Morgan are making me blush! Thank you. I hope this poem inspires you both. I adore your poetry, as well. He’s officially done with his first minth of chemo. He seems to be handling it wonderfully. Thank you so much for asking, my dear. His positive health report produces loads of laughter. I’ll take that all day long. β™‘

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