I Am Yours (Haiku)


life with you
seemingly simple
come to me

views surround
our wandering eyes
follow me

take my hand
fantasy leading
I am yours


18 thoughts on “I Am Yours (Haiku)

  1. If I remember correctly, you recently posted another photo and poem with a path. This one shows more of the surroundings, and they look enticing. A path inviting you to go and go, see where it leads.


    • I like paths. They are symbolic of what lies ahead, which is where my mind is most of the time. Wondering where to next. I enjoy the adventure in new places, but also the calmness of heading down a path I’ve been down before but niw with new ideas. I look forward to posting my mountain experience soon. I have a lot to say and pictures to share. I just have to mentally prepare for the sharing part. If that makes sense.


    • That does make sense. With a lot of stories, I think about them, imagine them, well before I write them. Those stories flow out much easier, as I’ve worked them through so well mentally. And I’m with you about paths. It’s a lot of fun to walk on them in the woods.


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