Hot, Humid, Houston


Teasing aquamarine water
Looks refreshing and cool
Summer day remedy
Don’t be fooled
Hot, Humid, Houston
Jacuzzi swimming pool


32 thoughts on “Hot, Humid, Houston

  1. Ha, ha…loved this! Looks can be so deceiving, but even so beauty is beauty. Great photo and words. Enjoy the weekend, just think you could be back in cool Nebraska πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Audrey, I’ve been OOT for a wonderful week (Actually sent postcards to folks! With real live stickum stamps!) and am just now reading posts. This poem and pic are a perfect welcome home for me – it actually rained last night here in SoCal – in August! Rarer than finding koalas clinging to our transplanted eucalyptus trees.
    Loved reading your vacation posts!


  3. Ouch! What a tease! When a swimming pool can’t cool you off and turns into a jacuzzi instead, that’s harsh. Is the water in the Gulf of Mexico also hot like the pool?


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