Living In A Love Song


If we lived in a love song

Who would we be
I’m often left wondering
Are we only friends
Maybe star crossed lovers
Music would admit the latter

If we lived in a love song

Immortalized for others
This life wouldn’t matter
Together singing their love story
Living for them
Yet, moving together, oblivious

If we lived in a love song

Tell me, where would we go
Visions of our destination
Would our love help others
Show fate has reason and rhyme
A purpose, for living sublime

If we lived in a love song

(Now, go back and read it bottom to top. Yeah, I just tried. Kinda cool…~ Aud)


28 thoughts on “Living In A Love Song

  1. How strange to have two poems within one 🙂 I like reading it from the bottom upwards…makes me feel as if I am in a bit of a dream at first, and then moving forward kind of figuring things out (or at least what to question). Very well done.


  2. and which love song would you live in? I like a lot of the thoughts you put forth in this poem, read either way. The compulsive editor part of me begs pardon, but did you mean “latter” rather than “later”? An obscure song I really like, not as bad as Bull in HEaven LOL, is You are not alone by The Eagles. Check it out if you have not heard it before. It is on the last CD they did I think, Long Road out of Eden.


    • Good morning, Michael. I’m not sure I could choose just one. I’m a sucker for a love song. I have a few favorites, however. One being, Journey’s When A Man Loves A Woman, which is old school, and John Legend’s You and I is a current song of interest. My all time favs are in my heart. (Fixed it! Thank you…ugh.)

      That song is attached to our friendship now, you know. LOL I will have a listen to your suggestion. … A great band!


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