Yesterday’s Today

I saw you
You, beautiful
Handsome, really
Shoulders out
Eyes sparkling
To God’s green
Everything beautiful
Yet, not me

Your abilities
Capturing life’s impossibilities
Proving their existence
A beautiful world
Never faltering

Yet, inside today
You scream
Towards me
Forcing me to believe
Darkness lives
Accusing me unworthy
Of your eye’s view
I could have saved you
Yesterday’s Today, denying


18 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Today

  1. We are all made up of contrasts – such is life. The brilliance and blackness of this poem is perfectly redolent of this. Nice work AD

  2. Audrey, I encourage you to keep expressing yourself. You are holding back much and you could not find a more supportive community than this one. xo

    • Thank you, Mr. Modigliani. I appreciate you letting me know. I have a lot of poems and you are correct when saying that I hold back. It is very true. Thank you for calling me on it. I need more of that sort of feedback. I have feelings/ expressions that I don’t identify with, yet feel compelled to share. I should post them. I am aware. I feel your support. I began writing as a young girl and even then the maturity level was beyond my years. Following your blog has opened my eyes and made me more aware of my true path. Don’t be a stranger, please. ~ Audrey

    • I do not intend to be. However, we just met, in a sense, and my intuition needed more time to observe.

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