On Sad Days

The tears I cry
Contain your name
I miss you
No denying
In an effort to feel
I wipe my tears
You ignite me
Proving sickness
Why we’re alone
Worlds apart
You sicken me
You sense
My need
I witness
All around
Yet offering
No, allowing
Denying me
His smile
His mind
Searching comfort
In sweet bottled
An awakening
Creating hope
One day
Our beginning


31 thoughts on “On Sad Days

  1. It shows a blossoming growth within, a very defining moment as you more and more are now really just being yourself. I wondered back in 2010, If any would seriously like what I shared, and i said to myself, God does, so i just shared everything as it came, never worrying all of your messages are meant for many different people on any given day…. we are just the conduit used to deliver it, and we are daily nourished each day by His blessings! Just be yourself, you write so very well…you have what I term often ’embracing words’, meaning they are always genuine and true! I am glad you allowed me to join in your journey my sister! Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

    • It has been through God, a lot of hard work and direction through a dear friend, that I feel secure enough in my own skin to share my deepest thoughts. I am forever in his debt, but I also believe God has given me the strength to allow myself to be me. Again, your powerful and thoughtful words humble me. I hope my words find the friends who need them.

      I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you. You have made me blush with your kind words. I am a fan already. Blessings!

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the boost. I’ve recently decided to just throw caution to the wind. Digging deep to find the right emotion to express sadness correctly. The feelings are true the examples a bit removed from my personal experiences, but I was happy how the poems/stories turned out.

      I’m ready to up my game. Kicking and screaming a bit, but a dear friend has helped me realize that good poetry has to come from within our truest of feelings. Leavin’ it all on the table if you know what mean. I won’t last long if I don’t stay true to the process.

      I’m working on funny next. Ahhh, can’t wait. Love was bruttle and this current station an emotional roller coaster for all. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for sticking with me.
      ~ Audrey

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