Someday, I hope I find clarity in my poetry writing. Lately, I don’t feel I have any control.  For now, I will continue to write this unrecognizable voice. I’ll send the words out here for you to view. Create a picture. It’s all I can do. It’s all I have been doing. It’s all that is being allowed through to paper. All I see are words floating. I try to catch them. Create.

Finally home
Golden door knob twists
A slight push by the hip
The door: it opens
The sound of vacuumed air released
Her hand goes directly to the lamp
One she’s never seen
How comfortably she pulls the string

Her keys take to the table
Similarities liken to a movie scene
Pinky finger pulls at the straps
Slipping off her heels
Ahh , she savors the feeling

Wiggly toes go pitter pat
Down a dim hallway
Cherish the puzzlement
Where could he be
Light music playing
Feast smells spicy
Carefully she lets her hair free
Wondering what will he think of me

She makes the final turn
Stopping to witness
She continues unnoticed
Standing in awe
A quiet thunder heard

Towards him she goes
Left with no choice
It’s always been him
The universe sighs in relief
Ahh, we’re finally happy
Shaking arms
Distrustful eyes
The confidence of a Tigress wild

Anticipation has ceased
Standing behind him
Body heat
Stop your hands – just breathe

This is what it feels like to be free
Mouth the words – thank you
The least you can do
See that vein in his neck
Pulses red blood through, for you
Imagine what he’s been feeling
Dreaming of you
Take ownership of his heart

Accept him for who he is
Make no promises
He may break your heart, too
Dive in, remember he’s worth it
Feel your heartbeat

Rest assured, his beats like thunder, too
Notice his hesitation
He feels you near
Make your move, never fear
Hands slide from behind to the front
Feel that
The beat of his love; pure devotion
Lean into him; ear to his back

Smell his scent – musk
Relax, a picture of true love

Hey, Baby
Hey, You
I didn’t think you’d ever get here.
I’ve been searching everywhere.
Was it the traffic?
No, just a lot of wrong turns, then there was spinning.
You will be pleased, no more wrong turns.
No wrong turns? I cannot imagine.
I’m here for you.
As I shall be, for you.
Let me lead…
I’ve never been allowed.
A man is all I know how to be.
A lady, then, I will become for thee.

Feel his pull as turns to face you
Search his eyes for the first time
Believe it’s him
Accept his power
Join forces
Allow yourself

(I hope this story suits you, Sisters. It was the only story that was allowed out. A lot swarming inside this brain. In other news, my book is coming along well. I hope this story brought you some emotion.  Not as much of a tragedy after all. That is an improvement, I’d say. I will keep trying to write a perfect love story. One loaded with tragedy. Our story.)


25 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Oh I love this sis! “Stop your hands….just breathe” best line! I did it when I read this. 💜 I wanted to take off my heels and I never even wear them haha !
    Baby approves ☺️

  2. The story was very good. Don’t worry about it suiting us, let the emotions flow, write for you. 🙂

    Also, that is when I enjoy writing the best, when the story just comes out. My best stories are that way, the ones where I try to maintain tight control don’t turn out very well imo.

    • Well, I try to appease my sisters once and awhile. They love a love story. 🙂 But thanks for letting me off the hook. I think this word poem works. Just a new form for me.

      You know, I think I forget that I’m just a tool. I should embrace the way my words flow. Thanks for helping me sort that out, Brad.

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