A Conversation With A Girl – The End

Kyle flicked the bill of his baseball cap. “I have a feeling, correct me if I’m wrong, but there isn’t much about you that gets old,” he said, as he pointed a finger in her direction.

Andy’s mouth gapped open. Kyle’s eyes darted around her lips. Her eyes flared with surprise. His fingers flinched with a need to touch her bottom lip.

“What…?” She was speechless for about a second. Then the sound that came out next made everything right with the world.

Kyle’s eyes never left her face, that laugh, the best part was that she was giving it away for free.


Kyle’s phone rang and lit up his now cold and dark car. He straightened himself up and began searching for it. How long had he been sitting in this empty parking lot alone? He hit the time button on the dashboard. Phew, not as long as it felt. He rubbed his eyes, while trying to swipe the screen in order to answer it, he smiled.

“Hey, Baby.”

He recognized how soft his voice became when speaking to this woman. Love made him sound weak, she was the reason.

“Hey, You,” she said with fainted breath.

Kyle was relieved to hear the same tone in her voice. Andy instantly soothed his demons.

“I was just thinking about our booth…”

“Oh yeah? How far did you get this time?” Andy asked with a hint of her laugh quietly coming through the phone. It pleased her to know that the time they spent together meant so much to him. She was counting on it, actually.

“Not far enough, you know.” Kyle hummed as he pulled his hat down, slowly. “Girl, I miss you,” he confessed as he sunk back down into the seat.


Don’t you wonder about what happened at that booth? I sure do. My mind races with possiblities…

Part 1 and Part 2


14 thoughts on “A Conversation With A Girl – The End

  1. Wallace Stegner wrote a really great rated G sex scene in The Angle of Repose. he writes it as he imagines Victorians would have experienced it–amazing. he says so much, but without ever getting crass.


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