A Conversation With A Girl – The End

Kyle flicked the bill of his baseball cap. “I have a feeling, correct me if I’m wrong, but there isn’t much about you that gets old,” he said, as he pointed a finger in her direction.

Andy’s mouth gapped open. Kyle’s eyes darted around her lips. Her eyes flared with surprise. His fingers flinched with a need to touch her bottom lip.

“What…?” She was speechless for about a second. Then the sound that came out next made everything right with the world.

Kyle’s eyes never left her face, that laugh, the best part was that she was giving it away for free.

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A Conversation With A Girl – Part Two

Kyle sized up his surroundings and walked towards the bar. There were two older gentlemen, deep in conversation, and sitting at the end. One was drinking black coffee. Kyle watched the steam float up as the bartender placed a cup down in front of a man. A man she obviously new well. It was the reassuring way she touched his swollen and aging hand. The man’s confidant was holding a short class with mostly ice inside. Kyle had seen his father’s associates holding glasses like that one. Typically, while in deep discussion, as well. The bottom of the glass had once held a layer of whiskey, he’d bet. The man looked to have had a few of them. Continue reading

A Conversation With A Girl

“Well, it could have gone differently, I believe, but seeing how well it’s turned out, I’d say she dodged a bullet.”

Idiot. What did he know anyway, ‘how well it’s turned out’, give me a break!

His tires barked as he slammed his foot down on the gas pedal. Requesting the song, he shouted out to his car and flipped the volume way up. He wanted that song now! The music quickly started and everything his father had said began to drown out. Finally, now it didn’t matter where his car took him. His pulse began to lessen.

Turning left or right wasn’t his concern, frankly he couldn’t give a damn, as long as he put distance between them. Continue reading

Jolly Holiday

Yes, well the city’s Christmas lights were illuminating the twilight air, as thick fog stood still in front of everyone crossing the busy street. Noise from the luxury cars passing by created an evening air fit for the Art District. The shadow society of downtown was dressed in proper black, some even sparkling like stars on a prairie sky.

Houston skyline at night

Walking by the valet drivers, up the stairs and into the restaurant took everything she had. After today this kind of evening so much more unfamiliar to her. She feared the strength she’d need wouldn’t be there. She had a lot on her mind it was somewhere else, stories swirling in her head. One, a story she’d have to tuck away for the time being. How would she write for him, as if taking on the role of a Captain, he’d musted and commanded her to write of swords. A welcomed blank page for releasing anger, a well suited possibility, it seemed.
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Fiction Friday: Winter’s Gift – Part 2

The first part in this series can be found here. Winter’s Gift: She Rewarded His Anticipation 


Necia reached her hand out to touch the light fluffy snow, the branches around them seemed to cradle the snowflakes as the winter wind blew around. Joe watched her move towards the tree he had found. She gazed at the tip of her finger as a single drop of snow raced down.

It was the longest finger he’d considered holding in ages. He placed another feather in his pocket, he silently zipped the opening as if to trap the treasures inside.

“It’s the perfect tree, Joe.” Necia offered as she turned around to face him.

“I wasn’t sure it would work at first, but after a closer look, I think it’s just as you described. I wanted you to see it first,” he replied while focusing on the pine tree. What he wanted to tell her, was that it was her approval he anticipated. He hadn’t been able to produce the reaction in her that he craved, he wanted to see her mind travel back in time. 

“I didn’t expect this so soon, I have to admit. I figured we had a few more weeks before we’d need this tree. It is the perfect one,” she admitted as her mind trailed off somewhere else. She reached up to touch more snow. “You know, for me, snow has always been the first gift of the season. Beautiful evidence, proving that the Christmas was upon us.”

Snowy pine tree branch

He was beginning to understand that it had been years since she’d seen it. He was suddenly envious of the snow and the emotions it composed inside Necia.

“I’ll take care of it then, if you believe it’s the right one,” he decided. It hadn’t occurred to him that she would agree so easily. Did she realize what the tree meant, more so what it meant that she was using words like we and need? He relaxed a bit in that moment. She had included him on a future event. Finally, as if for the first time, it made him appear as more than just someone merely existing.

Her attention towards him released a desire he’d thought was gone forever.

“Joe? Do you mind if we stay a little longer? Are you too cold to stay?” Necia asked politely.

“We can stay, I…I’ve got my jacket,” he stammered, showing his excitement, probably too quickly.

He watched her gracefully walk over to a fresh tree stump. It was the remainder of the tree he’d chopped down recently. She considered sitting down on it’s rather large trunk , which had fallen close by. He instantly felt regret. He should have finished this particular project the other day. It would have only been another hour’s worth of work, but he was anxious to get started on a side project.

Then again the unfinished work had provided a place for them to be together today. He was suddenly filled with ease over his procrastination. Looking at the trunk reminded him that he should have his axe looked at, mostly sharpened, as winter would only get tougher as the season progressed.

The muscles in his forearms twitched as he considered how he’d remember to get the axe serviced. He didn’t trust his retention with her around.

Joe never tired of watching her. She moved in such a way that he found himself obsessing over her. He welcomed the moments when she wasn’t aware of him. They finally allowed him to show his weakness for her.

“I’m clearing this spot off, if you don’t mind, Joe. I think the wind will break just behind us, if we sit here. We have an unfinished conversation I’d like to visit, if you feel up to it.” Necia proposed. Her hands wiped the icy snow away from the bark of the tree trunk.

Joe witnessed her wings flow with her as she completed the simple task of clearing a spot to sit. He observed her intently. How come she never seemed too cold or concerned for herself? It was shivery out here, but she wasn’t human, he reminded himself so rationalizing seemed like a lost cause. They had no history, yet he had a desire to shield her from the wintery conditions.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He wanted these unspoiled moments to continue, the feelings to stay. Necia had caught him off guard when she emerged last week, and he vowed to take advantage of what today could bring, if she came.

Joe exhaled, she had come.

Their first encounter suffered from awkwardness, as he was lost in such disbelief over Necia. He’ll never forget how she emerged through the trees. On foot, her wings spread out, each white feather just shorter than the other as they cascaded down her back, she appeared.

Snowy pine trees frame a view of blue shadows

Her feet lightly moving her along, while she made her way towards the area of the old cemetery he’d been working in. She stopped a safe distance from him and offered a shy smile.

Without eye contact, he took in as much of her in as he could without revealing the longing he’d instantly felt. She looked as though she’d caught who she was searching for, she seemed relieved.

He found himself transfixed on her glow as his voice fell through to his stomach. In that moment, Necia had taken his words right from him. She petrified him.

“Joe?” she nudged.

He flinched, instantly placing his hand on his pocket of feathers. His cheeks reacted quickly to hearing his name,”Yes, Necia, this will work fine. I’m sorry, I was thinking about, well you and our first meeting.”

“Yes, and what were you thinking about?” she challenged.

There she went again, his natural inclinations couldn’t handle the moments when she spoke so directly to him. He found himself working on finding a way to breathe. His mind was reeling over who she was and why she was here. Why did she move him so?

Who desires someone like her? It just didn’t add up right, in his mind. He fought his feelings, yet his body seemed to override his knowledge of Angels, and the job they dutifully held.

(Photo Credit: Pine Tree: Mike Rohde &  Photo Credit: Happy Sleepy)

An Epic Journey ~ Part 4

(Parts 1-3 can be found here, if you’re willing catching up with us.)

I hadn’t used so many muscles in one day in an effort to stay alive in my whole life. Every single one of us had started this float trip with high hopes of laughter, fun and memories.

We were leaving with memories by this point, we could kiss the other two good-bye.

I have to tell you that our visit to the Frio River had been such a blessing, and truly every step had been fantastic. This destination was a life changing kind of opportunity. The kind of place to retreat to when you need time to think, but also time to just relax. Today the Frio was getting the best of me. Let’s be honest, it had the good, the bad and the ugly by this point. I may have hidden my emotions pretty well, but the silence I was putting out spoke a thousand words. I was nearly shaking with disgust over my weak behavior.

I was tired.  Continue reading

An Epic Journey ~ Part 1

The tubes were rented and the sunscreen had been applied, we were ready for the float trip of our lives….

~ The events that are about to unfold are being told from the best of my memory. Some events I’ve blocked out, others are still raw and most of the ones which offer up the nocturnal nightmares are being dealt with appropriately, with tequila.

It had been a great vacation with friends. The open air was surrounding us and we had been appropriately lazy for three days straight. If we weren’t doing a quick load of laundry or whipping up something for the kids to eat, we were sitting in the Frio River water. When you didn’t find us there you could usually locate us up the street, possibly looking for souvenirs, buying ice for the coolers or picking up a pecan pie from the sweetest old woman inside a hut. Someone should write a book about her one day. She’d beat the pants off the Old Woman who lived in a shoe or Old Lady who swallowed a fly. This was the Old Grandmother who made pie.  Continue reading