Winter Path


Traveling an ice storm
Weeping tree wears a crystal glove
Weight on my shoulders


15 thoughts on “Winter Path

  1. Lovely haiku! Willow trees are a major muse of mine. My site is actually named after a poem I wrote about waiting under a willow tree in the winter. Thanks for stopping by my site Audrey!


    • Cyan, thank you for your visit. Wow, I’m a bit embarrassed, but I shall come clean. I read your poetry, after Aquileana’s post and encouraging words to check your blog out, and was blown away. I followed and ran, thinking to myself, I need to go back later and have a true look about. I didn’t know what to say at that moment. You’re a great poet. How have I missed finding you. I look forward to reading your future posts and do promise to let you know what I think.

      Trees are often a source of musings for me, most of the time, actually. I plan on spending quality time reading your tree poetry. I’ll just say this one more time. Wow. You’re a great poet. Wow. Okay. I’m done, I think.

      Thanks again for coming by and for following my blog. There are a few poems worth reading, but I’m mostly a fly by night poet. I write and push send. I cherish finding talented poets to follow. I learn from you.

      With all that said…. here’s a picture I took last year during an ice storm while driving through Oklahoma. There was a debate on whether it was a willow or not…I took the photo quickly, as it was an ice storm I was driving through, and not familiar with my surroundings so I couldn’t answer the question of whether or not it was a Willow tree. What do you think….sorry if this comes across as too forward. And no problem if you have no idea…none of us did, it seems. πŸ™‚

      Have a great night.


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    • Thank you, that is quite the compliment! No, not too forward, my own friendliness can often be disarming, and seem presumptious, but as I said on my “About Me, Myself & I” page, I am looking for real dialogue on wordpress, beyond casual back patting that doesn’t actually discuss anything. To each his or her own, that may work best for some, but it’s not my personal preference!

      I believe the photo could be a willow tree. They come in all shapes and sizes. It could also be another tree that has long thin branches that extend far as well, like a Mimosa Tree. It’s hard to tell that well in the Winter!

      And no worries, you are not the first to run away from my poetry. It comes rather natural to me, those 20 haiku I wrote, I did the research and wrote it in a single day, but I guess I have been writing long enough I’ve gotten better, and sometimes it shows!

      You have a great night too!



    • Agreed, Ry, if I may call you by your nickname. I hope to bring something interesting when I comment. I can’t always promise to be thought provoking, but indo promise to be funny when everything else fails. My fall back, you see.

      I know…I figured it was the layers of ice that made someone think it was a willow tree. Who the hell knows…I was drawn to the tree. Simple as that.

      Poetry you cannot read quickly is welcomed. I can identify with getting better at writing with time. Helps to read a lot of poetry, as well. I’ll be reading a bit tonight. Looking forward to it, actually.


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    • Thank you, no prob! It’s not to say that I don’t appreciate short comments, I just mean comments like “Good job” or “I like it”, I’m not sure if it was actually read or what. I can tell you enjoy reading, so I won’t ever wonder about that from you πŸ™‚ No worries, it’s more me just not liking to leave comments that don’t say anything, and liking to have actual online conversations about things sometimes!

      And yes, feel free to call my Ry!


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