Happy Endings


Keep waiting patiently, she heard
Love, whispering to her broken heart
Desperation, has never lived here
You’re okay just as you are, believe
Envisioning, a fairytale happy ending


Yuan-fen 缘分

For my friend, Randall, the Oregon Cowboy, one man in pursuit of his 缘分 (yuan-fen). My hope is that I have a small piece of you, Randall, figured out. My prayer will be safe travels for you always in China. May you find all that your heart and hard work are leading you towards. Take this poem and make it yours.
~ Audrey

Craving emotion found in poetry
You found me
You’ve seen my soul
Now, let me see yours
I’d love to know
What joy is found in yuan-fen 缘分
Small town boy

You’ve caught my attention, my passion
Yuan-fen links destiny and action
Devine thoughts, Oregon cowboy
Your mind awaits fate’s reaction
Could these two dance, forever after
I understand, pre-ordained
The life we have been given

I too, seek reaction
A constant flow
You say destiny waits on me
The answers, humanity holds
You’re reaction waits on you, too
Humanity needs a push
How about you

What are we left to conclude
Choose to take
Offer to forgo
The path defined by yuan-fen 缘分
Yuan 缘 pulls two souls together
Fen 分 the depths of hard work
A journey of enlightenment

A cowboy with a camera
Traveler, who are you
Moving towards self discovery
Mighty diligence of pursuits
A heart similar to mine

The great unknown
Alive, yet hidden in mystery
Trust without fear
Bravery, you inspire me
Are you comfortable with your soul
Leading through such amazing photos

A fated life worth the work
Deeper than simplicities
Choices never ending
Our object of selection
Must be proven by our path
Says your ancient Chinese, yuan-fen symbols
We must relax

You have it all figured out, Photographer
Philosopher, owner of an extraordinary mind
Own it
Believe it
Sell it to me straight
Impressive expression, solo rider

Your art, like mine,
Quite a solitary life
Single soulful being,
In the pursuit of a dream
Yuan-fen your motivator
Karma, your powerful stream
Photographer, you help me to believe


I saw you standing there
Let me in
Address Eden
Come sit beside me
Blackened heart of yesterday’s evils
Much to learn from hearts that beat
Red in color pulsing deep
Rest in comfort
In all that is green
Let me tell you
About a boy
Heaven’s Majesty
My eyes see
Black is curable
Love is all you need

Passenger Train

Passenger train take me with you
The steep mountains won’t hinder
Raised with a will to prevail
Witnessing the hills you’ll race
Up then down
Clear with abundance
Eyes wide open
Longing for uncharted territory
Isn’t that all part of the thrill
Passenger train I hear the noise
Louder and louder it arrives
Your sounds fill my mind
Your power
Stirs my soul
Leaving me
Grasping at solid foundations
Powerful work
Distance needed to travel
Shan’t be my concern
Fearing a loss pushes my imperfections
The beginning and end start with breath
Passenger train keep seeking
Allow me one more ride


Get back here!
Right now!

Where have you gone?
Did I, your sister, say you could go?

Sadness sets in, but I refuse to let it take me.
It wasn’t my intension to let you get away so easily.

Back to life you and I must journey.
This vacation is killing me.

Puffy eyes, have I.
I’m acting pitifully.

Get over it, Aud!
This, my dear, reality.


Happy New Year!! Thanks for an awesome ending to 2013. I can’t even begin to describe my feelings towards 2014.

This next year is going to rock. I feel it deep down. I hope you feel it for yourselves, too.

I’ll be here just doing what I do, but the beat will be a lot louder from here on out. Can you handle it? Hold on, it’s about to get crazy up in here!!

Happy New Year!


You did it.

Without knowing, you did it.

What I feel, without knowing, you did it.


You made it.

My heart beating fast, you made it.

What I hear, my heart beating fast, you made it.


You created it.

My mind racing, you created it.

What I think, my mind racing, you created it.


You sense it.

Without admittance, you sense it.

What I am, without admittance, you sense it, too.