It’s Been A Long Time Friends

Today is a silly story kind of day. I’m feeling very happy and extremely energized, so right off I’m thinking today is going to be fantastic. For starters, I’m not working! Yay, half day of uninterrupted writing for me. This is so super exciting, are ya feelin’ me? Then on top of that, we get to discuss friendship tonight, oh boy. 1095037_538267882889558_1712157000_n

Do I have something to say about that! 

A few days ago, I sat down to write out my thoughts after an entertaining lunch with my friend, we’ll call her Ms. Funny Business, for today. She is, hands down, one motivated nurse, fantastically driven, hell-bent on being a super mom who works full-time, don’t get me started on what she does for a living (cra cra), and most of all she’s the first in line to give me a push. The best part is she doesn’t give me a choice. She’s constantly urging me and I like it. I look forward to sharing that post.

I am feeling a push to write about my buddies today.

Not all of them women, but most of them are let’s be honest. Initially, my desire to write about friendship came from the prep work I’ve done for book club.

The book’s stories about friendship made me think of my own. Those friendships which are near and far away, as a choice kept close or at arm’s length, are important. We all need the fun friends mixed in with the much-needed serious friends, which can flip-flop on a daily basis, no matter the moment or the distance.

It’s the friends that I don’t get to interact with on a daily basis that have my heart today.

I miss y’all so much.

* I miss our mornings of watching the kids play while we live through our own version of “Toddlerville” all the while wondering  what life would have been like without each other’s company and support.

* I long for a day of sitting at the local bar and playing “What’s wrong with this photo” while drinking beer with green olives in it. Girl, I can’t even get into story of our friendship here, yet…I will eventually, but know I love you!

* The laughing…mostly I miss the laughing we all share. I’m so sorry mine bellows out like a freight train.

* I miss my far away friends’ voices to the point where over the phone or FaceTime just won’t cut it.

*I miss my first buddy in Texas and my first connection that proved Nebraska wasn’t so far away after all. There’s a chat we should have and one day will, I just know it.

*My Omaha UNO girls, I miss our days of cubical sitting and chattering away through glass. I long for a quick walk to the student center for water, or if I was with James, a cup of coffee. What ever happened to that guy? 🙂

*I miss my Quick Cats’ buddies, that team of knuckleheads I managed while dorm living through college. I miss those college girls, the one’s who gave me the grandest of bachelorette parties, the one who played the piano at my wedding and the other who was an hour late, as timing was never her strong point and the others who were lovely enough to come and celebrate our day. Love ya!

*My roommate in college, bridesmaid and friend. We lived life together for 3+ years and met our husbands while living in Edwards Hall.

*Okay, Edwards Hall. I’d have to go to the far ends of the Earth to see all those friends again. Living in an international dorm was the finest place God planted me that year, hands down. I miss my Jules. And the dorm of men and women who wow’d me with their stories of life in another land. I could have listened to their stories for years. In the end, I fell in love with a boy from St. Louis, a city boy I never saw coming. 😉

*My Summer-time friends. This new schedule is killing me. Is it pool time yet? 😉 Not sure what I’d do without the support of this one.

* Currently, I miss my right arm, she’s a lot of people’s right arm, and together, her peeps have been supporting each other since she moved away.

*My childhood friends, which is what the book club book is all about. It’s impossible to write quickly about what missing you feels like. I miss my old neighborhood and the children who used to run around it. We grew up beside each other and discovered life together.

*My Serr Farm family, my youthful rock. A family. How I miss the Matriarch of that household, daily.

*My highschool friends. What an eclectic group this was, huh. You varied from bookish, to party central all the way through to a life supporting friendship.

It’s the ones who quietly spoke into my life, usually when no one was looking. Unsure of how we’d fit in once we left the halls of high school. I’ll always be thankful for that ride to visit a college option we both had. It gave me the optimism to go for it. We’ve both done well. Although, auctioneering didn’t make the cut, or accounting, but a degree in people watching and writing did.

*My family, yeah well it goes without saying you need to visit or visa versa…I know, I left, I should come home to visit.

It isn’t always the ones we see on a daily basis who have a way of speaking into our lives. Even after years of silence or lack of visits friendships motivates us.

I’m considering fondly, those who God has brought into my life and those who have chosen to stay.  I know that sometimes I don’t make it easy, well with the constant opinions and chattering on Facebook, I’m thankful you stay devoted.

I hope that you feel that I am hopelessly devoted, too.

Hmm, I thought it was a silly story kind of day… I guess I was wrong. Now I find myself reflecting. Funny how my fingers and my brian work together to confuse me. Blessings!

11 thoughts on “It’s Been A Long Time Friends

  1. Made me cry!!! Haven’t been able to keep up with your writings as much as I would like and happened to read this one!!! Miss you more than words….


  2. We’ve lived in a lot of different places, and it’s always hard to leave the friends behind, but good to have the opportunity to meet them in the first place. I have lots of pen pals now.


    • I feel blessed to have had them in my life, too. Pen pals…that’s exactly what they are now. As a child I always wanted one…now I have plenty. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!!

      So glad you stopped by to catch up on this blog of mine. You’re so sweet!


  3. What a fabulous blog post! I loved hearing about your friends, both near and far! Isn’t it amazing how God puts friends in our lives when we need them the most!?! YAY! Being thankful for the blessings puts a smile on my face! Thank you!


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