Domestic Life

Domestic Life

I recently went through a museum with my husband and son. They have been on a six year tour of Texas, going from place to place soaking in as much history as they possibly can. I’ve enjoyed about 75% of it.

On this day it was more like 4%, so when I saw this particular quote, I nearly lost it. The same could be said for modern Texas, although I think the oxen have been taken out of the equation. Still pondering how the oxen pulled that off, oh well.

I’m enjoying Texas through the eyes of men.


9 thoughts on “Domestic Life

  1. Haha! In French class in school up here in Canada we end up reading a lot of books about “Les Filles du Roi” – the Kings Daughters – basically orphan or poor girls of marrying age who chose to come to New France (1600s) to marry the settlers (ie: live in the middle of nowhere with some stranger, possibly raising the kids from the last wife who most likely died from exhaustion, and tend a farm). The books always tried to make it sound all noble and romantic. I never really bought it. It sounded awful!

    • Louise, you and I see past the romance and see it for what it truly was, in both areas of the world, lot’s of hard work. Although, I can fantasize about how it must have felt to take a leap of faith and travel by boat for hundreds of miles to meet a stranger, but after I do that I’m left with..he probably stunk really bad and needed help. πŸ™‚

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