My Goals? Off to Heaven in a Wheelbarrow, That’s Where.

My problem is that I wanna be funny, too. I tried, I set myself up to try.

But I can’t. So now I’m pissed, I’m annoyed and most importantly, I’m disappointed.

I set out yesterday to do something fun, a pick me up, so I could be witty today. I wanted to create a post that produced laughter for all of my readers. I wanted to show that I can be ever so sweet, nice and funny, too.

Yesterday, I set goals for today’s post.

  1. I was going to encourage others to smile.
  2. I was going to spark creative goals for a fellow blogger.
  3. I was going to poke fun at myself for another’s enjoyment.

I haven’t written ‘funny’ yet. I’ve been too busy working through my reasons for hesitation.


Well, these three goals went to heaven in a wheelbarrow.

I like the way that sounds. A nice ride uphill in a pretty red wheelbarrow. I added the ‘red’ part.

I like red.

In actuality, it’s a euphemistic way of saying ‘going to hell’ and in my world, it’s usually inside a hand basket, sadly. I just love the optimism that comes with using the wheelbarrow phrase, but in reality it is in reference to sinners going to hell. I should probably back away from using the phrase, since that’s definitely not what I’m here to chat about.

Boo Hiss.

I don’t like the explanation of it, but that’s where my goals went for today’s blog.

I blame just one person, Me. It’s totally me. I did it. I admit it. I own it.

I did nothing fun yesterday, of which to pull funny, for today.


I was looking forward to the process. I wanted to giggle out loud at my story.

So now I’m the exact opposite of what I wanted to be.

Foolish, right?

Did I accomplish my tasks yesterday. Yeah, I did. I checked off every one of those items on my daily list and then some. And I did it well. What a well oiled machine I have working inside me, but there’s only one problem.

Out of all that work, nothing funny came of it. I let myself down, let’s be honest. I knew all along that what I was doing was not part of the “Find Something Funny Plan. I got caught up in priorities, unfortunately, I didn’t allow myself  to make discovering funny a “must do”. I knew it’s what I needed to refresh myself and pull the humor inside me out on to paper.

What a bummer, I wanted to write about my side-splitting event. Something hilarious for my buds a slap your knee, she’s a riot, kind of post.


I’ve got it in me, but I’ve got to get better at planning it and prioritizing it. Now I understand why some of my friends “plan” a go crazy day. I didn’t realize I was one of those…


That was SO funny!!

That was SO funny!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Slap my head, I don’t even know who I am anymore!)

Shouldn’t we all start our day with humor? Then just work our way up that chain until we float freely above all the mundane activities that we agree to when we become adults.

You know what I’m talking about, those activities that we pump ourselves up for on a daily basis. The ones we couldn’t get through the day without taking care of, so we do them with a sense of pride, in spite of the disappointment that we also did it yesterday and the day before that.

I should have set different goals for yesterday. I’ve learned from my mistake and now have new goals:

  1. Go out and find your fun place.
  2. Take someone with you to your fun place.
  3. Watch them enjoy your fun place.

Then come home and write about it, possibly leaving the friend out as to not embarrass them which could leave you, minus a friend.

I’m ready for tomorrow…

Did you get a chance to do something fun today?

5 thoughts on “My Goals? Off to Heaven in a Wheelbarrow, That’s Where.

  1. I have no problem whatsoever of starting every day with humor… I get out of bed and look into the mirror… Humor is served in reflection… By the way… I’ve been in a basket but not a handbasket… I’ve been in a wheelbarrow and yet, neither of them delivered me to ………… that place. Love the laughing cat pic… Made me laugh too… So… If I may be so bold to ask… Just where is your fun place?

  2. I have yet to do something fun today; though it’s early. The other day, my niece and nephew did their farting double act and my sister and I laughed like DRAINS. Even though we are in 39 and 41 and really toilet humour ought not to be as amusing…

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