Go Find Joy

Daily Prompt

Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

Okay, here we go…

1. event

2. go

3. love

4. find

5. joy

6. fast

7. camp

8. meaning

9. when

10. gone

Good grief, how do I do this challenge?

Which words can I pull creativity from?

Camp Fast Event? Meaning Love Gone? When Gone Fast? Go Find Joy?

Go find joy in your dreams. Hmm…


My son recently said, “I’m happy, as long as I’m doing what I love.” Simple. He’s wise way beyond his years, frighteningly so. His outlook on the simplicity of joy, is humbling. Let’s talk about confidence, shall we.

I can surely take a page out of his playbook, which has only been around for eleven years, and consider my perspective on finding joy. I find joy in writing. As long as I’m writing, I seem to be happy.

This is just so perfect for a three word writing challenge, isn’t it? Goodness!

Can I get an Amen!

To ‘Go’ after a dream is kinda what we all get out of bed for on a daily basis. We can’t possibly ‘stop’ after a dream, can we? Isn’t that equivalent to, no dream. No dream is no dream, but to stop after a dream, well isn’t that giving up or actually, it kinda infers that we didn’t even try…I don’t know, someone look into it and let me know what you think.

Gosh, I kinda think my double major in Philosophy and Creative Writing could have come in handy back there in that last paragraph. Why did I talk myself out of it and instead only go with the one? Oh yeah, someone told me it was useless. Curse you, little man with horns! You and your evil whispers about me not being good enough.

Man, I love philosophy.

Anyway, back to chasing a dream: Go find joy. Realizing our dreams is half the battle. The other half is believing in yourself and pushing yourself to achieve your goal which will then open up an opportunity to feel joy. In order to have this you must move forward. Go.

Go for it.

The act of finding something lost, can create joy.

My favorite movie is Finding Neverland. I love this movie. I cried my eyes out while watching it and then envied everything about it for many years after that. I found it again recently and my love for the movie lives on. I love it mostly for how it makes me feel.

The movie beautifully explains J.M. Barrie’s decisions which lead him to write, Peter Pan. In short, it’s about a man, playwright, who finds joy in living life through a child’s perspective and through his experiences he creates an amazing piece of work. Oh and the fact that he met these amazing little boys and their mother…. Anyway, he went for it and dreamed of a boy who never grew up.

I want to know what it feels like to be Peter Pan. In the book he simply made friends, showed them a good time with a little mystery and action added in, and then at the end of the night tried to convince them to stay, in Neverland, forever.

Sounds like my kind of night.

The simplicity of finding enjoyment in never growing up is, as it should be, a fairy tale, but it sounds wonderful.  One night after another of finding children who need to experience the prosperity found in youthfulness sounds terrific. The notion of effortlessly living life through the eyes of a boy who never has to grow up, well it just seems as it sounds, impossible. Meaning not possible. However, I like the idea and push myself towards it. I am beginning to understand how a childlike quality is vital to creativity. I get it, now.

Somebody, show this girl a good time, would ya?

Joy, is the simple feeling of contentment. My joy comes from writing and I’m thankful that I’ve found a way to feel complete. Well that’s a nice little wrapped up package, now isn’t it.

Yay, me.

Unfortunately, there are days when writers question if we’re making a suitable choice or chasing the correct dream which then taints our joy. We contemplate if we are at the right place at the appropriate time in our journey. We wonder if we are directing our efforts into the correct venue. Or, even possibly, have we completed enough to accept this joy we feel when we’re done? Finally, my personal favorite, am I doing this for the right reason?

When do we stop wondering, pondering, questioning, struggling and asking if we deserve joy or if we’ve found joy? Should we ask someone?

Who are we asking? Who knows what joy is supposed to feel like?

Our parents? Friends? Is it God?

My friend, “Bing”, defines joy as:

 [ joy ]
  1. great happiness: feelings of great happiness or pleasure, especially of an elevated or spiritual kind
  2. something that brings happiness: a pleasurable aspect of something or source of happiness
  3. enjoy something: to delight in something.

So if we’re feeling happy, achieve pleasure or delight when we’re pursuing our dreams then we’ve met the goal. We’ve found joy.


So it seems.

We’ve done it. We’ve gone and found joy in doing something we love.

The blessing found in all of this, is that we were all created to do it differently and at our own pace.  When the times right, you’ll be ready, so the pressures off.


Go find joy.


9 thoughts on “Go Find Joy

  1. What a wonderful post! I realize you did this quite some time ago but in Blogging 101, the assignment today is to find others who used the same daily prompt. And well, I clicked ‘try another’ who knows how many times. I am so glad I did! Because this is just… J.M. Barrie is one of my favorites! I also happen to the oldest daughter (in my case the only daughter) and a redheaded sister. A kindred spirit! Thank you for sharing this with us all.

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