Untied to what caused me
To go beyond what I believed,
Past what I stood for
Lost sight for the trees.
I hurt you, but you caused pain first.
You lead me towards evil opportunity,
In the end, I was who I wasn’t,
You knew better, yet allowed me.



Mid afternoon daydreams,
Produce the sweetest gifts,
Today, I found nothing different.
I heard you whisper,
“Gray’s okay…”
So, I’m left wondering,
How do I keep myself,
From running warm fingertips,
Across your flushed cheekbones?
An opportunity to feel,
Where your smile begins,
And a chance to steal a look,
Into your eyes.

Exquisite Moment


Our distance disguised as intriguing
Whispers to me of fate’s cruelties
What will come of this meeting
Overwhelmed with curiosity
Wherever you are tonight
I wish to be there, too

Lost in exquisite surroundings
Stopping to admire this powerful view
An alluring disaster such as this
Can easily be related to, understood
Fate’s sensual act unfolding before me
Rain tending to the sun beautifully

Through soft, yet dark, cloud pillows
Curtains of rain will wash the sun
Sun submitting to the rain’s shower
A risk, plentiful if carefully tended to
This moment locked sublimely away
Will include wishing thoughts of you