Tomorrow Within Me

I become stronger as today comes to an end, as I know you are waiting.

I take time to thank God, our Creator, who designed you to help teach.

I lay in quiet sheets composing your sunrise, as I drift off to sleep.

Tomorrow, your constant knowledge is somewhere deep within me.

What My Mind Does For You


Hurry night, I’ve something waiting!

I have dreaming of tomorrows to show you

Wild thoughts I continue to prepare

Oh! What my mind does for you.

Proving what you can do, will do.

I lift you up through the clouds

I love to watch you strut about!

Thoughts of you, anticipating

Tomorrow, I beg you to open up

Show me what you’re needing

Maybe you’ll consume all of me

Tomorrow, you suit my dreams

I know my mind, I know it well

It isn’t safe

I shouldn’t go

Oh, but I will



In an effort to trust you, I’ll believe in you.

Without hesitation I make plans with you in mind.

My heart follows even though I’ve been hurt by you.

I desire the wisdom you hold even when it lacks my truest needs.

I’m stronger as today ends, I know you’re waiting for me.

I take time to thank God for designing you to teach me.

I lay in quiet sheets, my mind composing your sunrise, as I drift off to sleep.

I’m unsure of what you’ll look like, but I’ll dream of you.

Tomorrow, your truths already run deep within me.