Stronger Than You Believe

Circle, little hands spin
Keeps close watch
Talks every now and then
Reminds me of effort
And where life remains
So little are we
Upon this earth
Words still cut, cause pain
Our investment required
The outcome
After experience, noteworthy
Exhale shame
Inhale wisdom
Keep time as your guide
And be proud of your name

Wrap Me


Wrap me tight
I need to feel you
Whisper that I’m okay
To be lost this way
I know you’ve been here
This same place
Maybe different thoughts
Yet, always same place
Full of pressure
Yet, not alone
But all alone
You know?
Smiles on the outside
Tears allowed
Only for me
I could be
A different breed
Women need
Women seek
Advice, daily
Not me
I couldn’t possibly
Show weakness?
Not in front of you