Little Big Things

I’m reflecting today, I have a haiku set to post but I feel compelled to share instead.

Thank you for indulging my thoughts.

I’m making an effort to purposefully announce what I’m grateful for every day during Lent. This won’t come easy for me and you won’t see my daily thankfulness here. Maybe on another platform but I’m not replacing my poems with my gratitude journal. *snooze*

As I sit here eating my peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwich, before going back to work, I’m sitting in my kitchen listing what needs done here at home. Lists are important and I’m making an effort to write them every day.

I have a tidy kitchen with quick grab snacks being held by a wire basket, someone may have used it to gather vegetables in years ago. I look at the corner basket with a sense of accomplishment. Food to eat and I’ve made sure it was available for my children.

These groceries, and this kitchen are part of a large home newly renovated just months after I moved home from Texas and a nearly perfect fit. This home protects us from the extreme Nebraska weather and I’ve found a way to furnish it as a single mother who moved with almost nothing to fill it.

I’ve kept it insured and paid for – on time – for over four years now. Not many know the comforting security of being able to do so, unless you’ve lived life with a lack of this type of covenant.

A few fun snacks in a cute basket, within a tidy kitchen and in a home I am proud of, created my smile today. A whole host of thoughts to be thankful for as I finish my favorite kind of sandwich.

I’ll be okay.

– Aud


22 thoughts on “Little Big Things

  1. Such a sweet story, about motherhood, accomplishments, independence, creativity. I’m glad to see you sharing something wonderful about yourself. I’ve always felt you were more wonderful than you give yourself credit for. Maybe the requirement to list what you’re grateful for will help you see how strong you are.


  2. Audrey, we all could use a bit more of gratitude! Isn’t it amazing how the simple things in life are so satisfying? Sure, it’d be nice to have a fast car, take lavish vacations, and such, but I know having a solid roof overhead, food in the pantry, family to love you, paying work, and good health mean waay more!


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