Reality Transformed

Needing to remember because every single person matters.

Wanting to forget because it hurts to acknowledge the fear this day created.

Knowing we are surrounded by bravery, men and women much braver than I, every day should humble us. Quiet the noise and ridiculous fighting our nation cannot get away from.

I am humbled.

Thank you.

9-11 changed us.

Lives were lost. Lives were transformed. Lives were offered hope. Lives stood in protection. Lives united.

We are a blessed nation every day moving forward. Never forget.


16 thoughts on “Reality Transformed

  1. I will admit to enjoying the quiet, respectful interlude that took place for a couple of months after that along with the heartfelt and commercialism free Christmas that followed. Shame folks don’t feel the need to be decent unless a day like that is fresh in their minds. Oh well…., nice piece ma’am.


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