Maybe Not Goodbye

The last few weeks have had me considering the idea of closing my site down.

Wondering if maybe its time to move on and away from poetry.

And then today, I received an email reguarding my automatic renewal payment being processed for Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister, along with a thank you & well wishes for continued writing success this year.

I guess “current state me” should be thankful there was a time a “determined me” existed.

One who couldn’t envision a future where writing poetry wouldn’t be an important part of my life.

Anyway, and before my rambling becomes deeper thoughts than I intended on today…

There’s some roadblocks up in my mind, but I’m powering through them as I can.

Thank you for loving me through a tough season of life and reading along.

Doing my best to stay current on y’alls posts. Your grace is a blessing.


Motherhood is a journey
Thankful for the gift
Single parenting a marathon
Most days a sprint
Career and life grounded in compassion
Mean long days and night shifts.
Adulthood requires strong shoulders
Harder alone when there’s more to lift
And the woman I want to show the world
Is the one I lost and continue to miss.

-Audrey Dawn


53 thoughts on “Maybe Not Goodbye

  1. I came to this through another, more recent, post. I love the “powering on”. It’s what we have to do when the wind is NOT beneath our wings and we have to flap the shit out of them until we find the updraft. But it’s there.

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  2. I hope you decide to stay, Audrey, as you’d be missed. Life has its ups and downs and blogging has its moments of posting in spurts and also taking breaks. So, do what is best for you – just know you are loved. πŸ’•

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  3. Yours is a voice most special, Miss A. I would certainly understand it if you opted to fold away from blogging because having even one more thing on an already-full plate can be disheartening. However, when the Good Lord gives you a talent, you dare not throw it back in His Face unused and unappreciated. Write on, Poetess!!!

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  4. I think that there are ebbs and flows in creating, and we sometimes hit a wall. Write as your thoughts come to you, and share them when you feel inspired to do so. But, WP is a better place with you.

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  5. I can’t believe you’re considering not continuing your blog, Audrey, though I understand. Paying a fee to post here and forcing yourself to make public your personal thoughts might not fulfill you sufficiently. Whatever decision you make, I wish you well , I wish you peace, I wish you happiness, I wish you and your family all good blessings.

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    • Moments of wondering how much time you all deserve as readers and what I’m giving weighs on me. It took me three years to build trust here and I don’t want to lose it. The last three years, my writing hasn’t been as stable as it once was, Shari. I pay the fee because I like having the blog reflect only my name. I know it seems silly and probably quite a waste. I do appreciate your patience.

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  6. Glorious words Audrey, and your poem brought tears to my eyes, my heart goes out to you, as my soul remembers my years of caring for my loved one, but that’s life, and I’m happy within myself that I gave my all, I know I’ve missed out on my life, oh however, do I have a lifetime of stories to tell xx

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  7. The woman you show the world is one who sees things most of us ignore, describes things in ways we can only imagine and makes us think about the beauty around us, what we have and what we’re missing.

    I would not want to see that disappear.

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  8. Selfishly I would be brokenhearted to lose you here on WP land. I know I’m not the best at responding all of the time but I read you all of the time, since being sick I have been crap about being in touch as much as I would like but there must be many like myself who still read you and need to read you. I would really hope you can always find a way to stay here, I know life throws some pretty hefty curve balls and at times we want to shut down, or start something else, but you have a true following of loyal and caring people here who would be worse off if you were not here. That’s all I can say and I hope it is enough because I do know how it feels and I for one would be really sad to lose you because you brighten my day with your mind and your quick wit and goodness. You are my favorite redhead and long may you be.

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