Age of Innocence


As my memories caress the hint
Of Spring’s sweet young breeze
I go in search of innocence
And where I began.
Auburn ringlets, sway
Carrying an eager tone of giggles
Found in fairytales of peace and virtue.
As I push my legs forward,
I daydream. Nothing has changed.


41 thoughts on “Age of Innocence

  1. Always something special about the age of innocence, and it never really leaves ~ it sits in the back of our minds coming out when we daydream. Nice to see you back writing again on WP, cheers to a great spring ahead.


  2. This image fits your thoughts perfectly! and this line in particular “…giggles found in fairy tales of peace and virtue…” sparks the imagination of a small blonde w/ ringlets as well πŸ™‚


  3. You know, Audrey, there’s magic in a swing. It’s practically universal in its symbolism of childhood and innocence, and nothing can transport our minds or quiet our emotions like the peaceful back-and-forth of swinging. Well done!


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