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25 thoughts on “Baseball

    • So true, when I’d return to Seattle in the summer I always would hit a Mariner’s game ~ such a beautiful field, and it would be the perfect place to get back into my ‘Americana’ persona. Love the game, even though you are right it is simple enough, but with so many intricacies.

      Back in ’01, I was on the first flight back to the States from HK after 9.11 and after arriving in Seattle I went to the first baseball gameday since 9.11 and the atmosphere was incredible. People were loving the game/life/each other. Really something special.

      I had a small group of people from England sitting next to me and tried to explain the game to them throughout…never realized how complex this simple game was. The question they always had was “why is everyone going so mental, nothing happened?!?” and I would just laugh saying it is just the way baseball is. Everything can be celebrated (and dwelled upon), just like life.


    • Yes, a game that allows us to either watch out of enjoyment or become one with the ball and its players. I love that you use baseball to get back to you, Randall. That is fantastic imagery.

      A time when we all leaned into all things American. Emotions filling that stadium, I bet. What a memory for you..

      I love that you get it! I would have enjoyed teaching that couple. I took a friend from Brooklyn to his first rodeo back in college. The questions, the looks and the shear enjoyment of the experience through his eyes simply the best! To witness something I love through his virgin eyes of wonderment, well nothing better. Made me fall in love with how I was raised all over again. A proud feeling. Nothing better than experiencing and celebrating life. I couldn’t agree more.


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