The Shade of Oneself

Richard proving once again that he understands way more than he admits. Thank you for sorting my words, Richard. Similar in many ways. A nice surprise this morning. Lovely shades…

Inspired by this conversation:

Richard M. Ankers

A poem inspired by Audrey Dawn. Please check out her wonderful poetry.

To live between
The shades of grey
Smoothest, sweet exterior.
All a facade,
For the mirror goes deep,
Too deep.
Beyond reflection,
Surpassing introspection
To darkest core;
Polished obsidian heart,
Onyx soul,
Containment from the light
We shun.
Yet, all surfaces
Contain a memory
Of the colours they once held.
The trick is in the finding,
Or not?
I prefer not,
For I like my monochrome storms.
The question is
Do you?

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